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Chempac Custom Manufacturing

Chempac Custom Manufacturing

Chempac Custom Chemical Manufacturing


Chempac is Florida Chemical's custom manufacturing, blending, and packaging operation.  Chempac Florida Chemical has over 40 years of compounding expertise, specializing in difficult to blend products, highly hazardous products, and those that require next level compliance and quality control.  

Services offered by Chempac

  • Product Services
    • Formulation Development
    • Toll Blending
    • Private/White Label
    • Custom Packaging
  • Bulk Services
    • Break Bulk & Transloading
    • Bulk & Mini-Bulk Delivery
    • Warhousing & Distribution
  • Marketing & Compliance Assistance
    • SDS & Label Creation
    • Brand Identity, Web, & Social Media Planning

Chempac can supplement your product line with a broad line of compounded chemicals available for private label.  Over 40 years of manufacturing experience allows us to provide products for a wide range of market segments through offerings in Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional product groups. All told, Chempac - Florida Chemical's forty years of compounding means that there are over 1,000 products at your disposal to satisfy brand-extension needs. 

The offering in our Chemical Compounding division is divided into four product groups:

Automotive Products


The Automotive Product Group has a wide range of branded products for automotive applications including basic wash products, tunnel products, detail products, and maintenance products.

Commercial Products


The Commercial Products Group is where you will find the broadest range of products. Within this product group, you will find products for Aviation, Construction, MRO & Maintenance, Passenger Transportation, Sanitation, Shipping, and Trucking.

Custom Manufacturing


With over thirty years of experience in compounding, Florida Chemical has the knowledge, resources, and technologies to be a formidable player in Custom Manufacturing. We offer:.

Private Label is offered to distribution partners and organizations that wish to extend their brand image without investing in development of a proprietary chemical product line.

Toll Blending Services are offered to clients that need regional production support or for clients that possess their own formulation technology, but prefer to outsource the production process.

Contract Packaging is yet another option for the customer that requires regionalized support. Contract packaging can add to distribution efficiencies and reduce costs by allowing for bulk shipment of either finished or concentrated chemical products to a regional packaging location where smaller containers can then be filled with finished product per customer specifications.

Distribution Support is the final added service available for our Contract Manufacturing customers. With an integrated distribution network that can place products virtually anywhere at any time, Florida Chemical can pool customer movements to reduce the costs associated with distribution and can place the product at your customer location when and where it is needed.

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Featured Products

  • Truck Wash Pro

    All Purpose Truck Wash & Degreaser
  • Nubrite Pro Plus AB

    Industrial Aluminum Brightener, Pro Plus Strength
  • Liquid Hammer

    Non-Corrosive Concrete & Cement Remover
  • Phos-Wash 40

    Phosphoric Acid Truck Wash

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