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Core Competencies

Chemical Distribution

Florida Chemical distributes a broad range of commodity and specialty chemicals to customers in the Agricultural, Fine Ingredients, and Industrial markets. While the Chemical Distribution business is more regionally focused, Florida Chemical employs a partner network of chemical distribution firms that allows for quick response in any area of the US.

Chemical Compounding & Custom Manufacturing

Florida Chemical has a broad line of compounded chemicals that provides products to a wide range of market segments through offerings in Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional product groups. All told, Florida Chemical's thirty years of compounding means that there are over 1,000 products that we can offer to satisfy every customer need. With an integrated distribution network, we can provide those products virtually anywhere at any time.  With over thirty years of experience in compounding, Florida Chemical has the knowledge, resources, and technologies to be a formidable player in Custom Manufacturing. 

Environmental Services

Florida Chemical's Division of Environmental Services understands that businesses generate waste.  Our goal is to help you manage your waste better.  Florida Chemical can support your needs for a small, one-time job, removing waste on a regular basis, a deep-clean for an industrial site or for in the case of an Emergency Response. 

Equipment Distribution

In our roots, Florida Chemical was much like any small chemical jobber, offering a host of chemical cleaners and accompanying that offering with pressure wash equipment. Through organic development, Florida Chemical began to source additional equipment and accessory items for customers in order to meet our goal of being a total-solution center. What has developed from that one-off sourcing is a thirty year depth of knowledge in products, sourcing, design, installation, service, and parts for a broad range of chemical and wash related equipment.


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