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Who We Are

Our Mission

Florida Chemical is committed to being the channel partner of choice for a distribution network and customer base that derives value through niche differentiation and a solutions based sales approach in chemical commodities, custom compounded products, and associated ancillary equipment & services.


Our Vision 

Florida Chemical is founded on the principles of ethics and integrity and will use these principles to guide our efforts to become the industry leader in all endeavors.

Quality Statement

Florida Chemical will, at all times, strive to provide products and services that meet the highest standards for quality and consistency. Florida Chemical is committed to the long term success of our customers by providing value added solutions that consistently exceed their expectations. The effort to attain the highest level of quality is reinforced through continuous improvement and includes participation by all employees, customers, and supply chain partners.

Statement of Core Values

Safety in our jobs, on our roads, and at customer locations is our highest priority.
We strive to continuously improve our processes, protocols, and product offerings to facilitate the growth of opportunity and prosperity for the company and its stakeholders.
We are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our employees and we are committed to supporting and developing each other both personally and professionally.
We are committed to protecting the environment for future generations through constant attention to both regulatory compliance and proactive action.
We are dedicated to conducting ourselves with the highest level of ethics, integrity, and honesty in all phases of business.
We strive individually and as a collective to lead and motivate by example in order to develop and empower employees to reach their full potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Florida Chemical is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we operate and distribute chemicals.

Five Decades of Excellence


Florida Chemical was founded in 1972 by Marilyn Exum as a chemical distributor in the Tampa, Florida area. Throughout the decade, Florida Chemical enjoyed consistent growth and expansion into a variety of markets including the addition of our pressure equipment distribution and metalworking fluids distribution, which complements the chemical distribution efforts.


As Florida Chemical entered the decade of the eighties, growth continued with movement into a modern facility that expanded the company’s capabilities. The new facility allowed us to introduce a new line of compounded products for commercial transportation equipment. With this addition, Florida Chemical was engaged in chemical distribution, chemical compounding, and equipment distribution.


As Florida Chemical entered the decade of the nineties, aggressive environmental regulations led to the expansion of both compounding technologies and equipment capabilities. Florida Chemical began work in creating green solutions to meet the new regulations in Florida. Additionally, we extended our equipment product lines to include water treatment equipment.

Customer markets began to shift in the mid-nineties as consolidation in procurement and supply chain management moved the buying decisions for much of the existing customer base out of the local Florida market. This shift created a paradigm shift in the future planning for the growth of Florida Chemical.

In 1997, Marc Maseman, son of founder Marilyn Exum, entered the business and began planning and preparation to expand with the shifting customer markets. Plans were put in place to grow Florida Chemical through penetration into new product and geographic markets. With a focus on niche differentiation, the groundwork was laid for development of an integrated distribution network.


As the new millennium began, Florida Chemical further expanded into a wide variety of new customer markets and began the development of a domestic commercial/industrial distribution network. As a result of terrorist attacks, the recession of the 2000's and a number of other factors, the decision was made to transition Florida Chemical in to a chemical distributor.  Legacy proprietary product became the basis for the Chempac Custom Chemical Manufacturing division.


As the new decade began in the midst of one of the worst recessions the world had ever seen, many companies were contracting or disappearing altogether. Florida Chemical pressed ahead and remained aggressive in the investment in people, technology and infrastructure.

With renewed vigor in the chemical distribution markets, Florida Chemical joined the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), committing to the operational excellence that Responsible Distribution brings. As the decade closed, Florida Chemical was achieving double digit annual growth in Chemical Distribution.  In 2019, Florida Chemical completed its first chemical distribution acquisition of a specialty inorganic fluorides distributor.


The next decade will bring continued expansion through an integrated balance of organic and acquisition growth.  

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