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Service Area

Local - Regional - National - International

When you partner with Florida Chemical, you partner with a Florida local company that has the ability to service your product needs anywhere in the world.  With offices in the US, China, and Europe, and warehousing in an additional dozen locations around the world, Florida Chemical is positioned with intercontinental capabilities to service your world.

Florida Chemical Regional Locations:

North America - Tampa, Florida USA

Florida Chemical Supply, Inc

6810 East Chelsea Street, Tampa, Florida, USA

Phone: 813.623.1274


Asia - Shanghai, China

Florida Chemical Supply

Shanghai, China


Europe - Kolding, Denmark

Florida Chemical Europa, ApS

Moenten 9, Kolding, DK6000, Demark


Florida Chemical is where you need us to be locally and globally.

In over forty years of business, Florida Chemical has grown to understand the needs of our customer base. Budget factors and time sensative operations mean that a supply chain partner with Just-In-Time (JIT) distribution is a partner that adds value and profitability to the customer organization.

With the complexities of globalized modern business, prospective customers are reassured when we tell them that distribution to multiple facilities spread across an entire country or network of countries is "the easy part" of the deal. With our focus on standardization of distribution models, a customer in a new part of the world, a customer in a region where we are not active, or a single customer facility in a remote location can be easily serviced. Standardization of distribution models allows us to quickly and efficiently place distribution network assets to handle any need.

In short, the dynamic nature of our distribution allows us to grow where you grow!

Resources for Efficient Supply

Florida Chemical employs many strategies to bring our expansive product offering to the global market-place.

Chemical Distribution

The commodity and specialty chemical products that are marketed and distributed by Florida Chemical are brought to market through a variety of resources that allow for efficient supply for any customer needs. Our model for Chemical Distribution employs:

  • Commercial/Industrial Master Channel Partners
  • Partner Network of regional Chemical Distribution firms
  • Supply Chain Partners with third party resources
  • Third Party Terminal, Warehousing, & Logistics

Chemical Trading

The commodity chemical products that are traded by Florida Chemical are moved through the global marketplace utilizing a variety of strategies that allow for efficient high volume commodity movements. Our model for Chemical Trading employs:

  • Principal Channel Partners
  • Partner Network of regional Market Trading firms
  • Supply Chain Partners with third party resources
  • Third Party Terminal, Warehousing, & Logistics

Compounded Products

Florida Chemical's white label and private label compounded products are available to a customer network that includes:

  • Commercial/Industrial Master Channel Partners
  • Market/Segment Specific Marketing Partners
  • Two-Step Distribution Channel Partners
  • Wholesale & Retail Dealers

Equipment & Accessories

The process of distribution of equipment and accessories is much the same as the other core focus areas. Florida Chemical employs a strategy that allows for minimum inventory holding cost and maximum efficiency in distribution in order to keep the cost to the customer low. Our equipment distribution employs:

  • Commercial/Industrial Channel Partners
  • Manufacturer Direct Ship Agreements
  • Third Party Drop Shipments for Distribution Partners
  • Regionalized warehousing for JIT inventories

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