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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

With over forty years of chemical industry experience, Florida Chemical has the knowledge, resources, and technologies to be a formidable ally in helping your business grow. We offer the following value added services:

  • Contract Packaging - Customers that require regionalized support can rely on the contract packaging services offered by Florida Chemical. Distribution efficiencies and cost reductions are realized through bulk shipment to our regional packaging locations where smaller containers can then be down-packed per your specifications.
  • Distribution Support - Florida Chemical can assist with the storage and logistics to land your products anywhere in the world. Whether you need warehousing, freight or freight forwarding services, bulk storage or other integrated services, our network is here to serve you.
  • Private Label - Florida Chemical has over 1,000 product formulations that are offered to resellers and organizations that wish to extend their brand image without investing in development of a proprietary chemical product line.
  • Research & Development  - Florida Chemical offers a full service R&D operation to assist customers in new product development. Unlike Private Label, R&D services develop products for your brand that are your proprietary products. Customers can utilize our R&D consulting services at very competitive costs when compared to other industry options.  Our extensive compounding history allows for quick formula development that keeps costs low while designing the product to your exacting specifications
  • Small Bulk Delivery - Regional customer locations that are within our normal delivery area are offered small bulk delivery options that allow for a right sized tank and containment system, tank telemetry, and regularly scheduled fills that meet the needs of your monthly budget. Rid your facility of containers without having to invest in full bulk loads.
  • Warehousing - Regional warehousing locations offer our customers the opportunity to place products close to their customers without capital investment in warehouse assets or leases. Florida Chemical has capability to store all types of products from food additives to hazardous materials, all properly segregated and meeting the highest level of regulatory compliance.
  • Toll Blending Services - Florida Chemical has the assets to produce your products in a controlled manufacturing setting to allow regional production support for clients that possess their own formulation technology, but prefer to outsource the production process.

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