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  • Aluminum Sodium Fluoride

    Sodium Aluminum Fluoride, CAS 13775-53-6, has the formula Na3AlF6.  Sodium Aluminum Fluoride (also known as sodium hexafluoroaluminate, sodium cryolite, or fluxal) is used as a flux agent for electrolysis of aluminum oxides, as an pesticide, as a whitener for enamels, and an opacifier for glass.

  • Ammonium Fluoride

    Ammonium Fluoride, CAS 12125-01-08, has the formula (NH4)F.  Ammonium Fluoride is a neutral salt and can be used in wood preservation, mothproofing, in printing and textile operations, as well as in brewing operations.

  • Ammonium Polyfluoride

    Ammonium Polyfluoride, CAS 7664-39-3/1341-49-7, is a blended fluoride that has the formula (NH4)HF2 + HF.  Ammonium Polyfluoride is 80% HF Acid and 20% Ammonium BiFluoride.  It is used for pickling of steels and others metals and for general surface treatment in the metals industry, as an additive in crude oil drilling, as a polishing additive in the aluminum industry, as a polishing, frosting, and etching additive in the glass, ceramic, and porcelain industries, and as a general cleaning additive for aluminum parts cleaners as well as textile cleaning and industrial laundry souring.

  • Barium Fluoride

    Barium Fluoride, CAS 7787-32-8, has the formula BaF2.  Barium Fluoride is used as an additive in aluminum refining processes, as a flux and opacifying agent, as a component in welding rods and welding powders, in the treatment of hides in the leather industry, and as an active fluorocomponent in toothpastes.

  • Calcium Fluoride (Synthetic)

    Calcium Fluoride (Fluorspar), CAS 7789-75-5, has the formula CaF2.  Calcium Fluoride is used as an electrolyte component in aluminum metallurgy, as a component of fluxing agents and refining salts, as an anti-glare additive in opical lenses, as an additive in the manufacture of reflection reducing layers in glass and in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps, as a fluxing and opacyfying agent, denture preparations, and as a component in the manufacture of welding rods and welding powders.

  • Lithium Fluoride

    Lithium Fluoride, CAS 7789-24-4, has the formula LiF.  Lithium Fluoride is used as a constituent in welding fluxes, in fluxes for brazing of zirconium and titanium, as a rocket fuel suppressant, in the welding of magnesium castings, and as an ingredient in non-ferrous foundry fluxes.

  • Magnesium Fluoride

    Lithium Fluoride, CAS 7783-40-6, has the formula MgF2.  Magnesium Fluoride is used as a flux in the metalurgy of magnesium metal, as an additive in fluxes for porcelain and pottery, as a coating agent for titanium pigments, and as a phosphor in cathode ray screens.  In its pure form, it is used as an anti-glare agent in optical lens coatings.

  • Nickel Fluoride

    Nickel Fluoride, CAS 13940-83-5, has the formula NiF2.  Nickel Fluoride is used in metal plating operations, as a passivation layer on advanced nickel metals such as monel, in metal cold sealing applications, as a catalyst for the production of chlorine pentafluoride, in marking ink compositions for fluorescent lamps, as a transhalogenation catalyst for fluoroolefins, in the manufacture of varistors, as a catalyst for hydrofluorination, in the synthesis of xenon hexafluoride, and in the preparation of high purity elemental fluorine for research and chemical lasers.

  • Potassium Fluoride

    Potassium Fluoride, CAS 7789-23-3, has the formula KF.  Potassium Fluoride is used as a flux additive in metalurgy and silver solder, as a vehicle for introduction of fluorine in organic synthesis, as an additive in glass frosting products, in the manufacture of potassium metal, and in the heavy water industry.

  • Sodium Fluoride

    Sodium Fluoride, CAS 7681-49-4, has the formula NaF.  Sodium Fluoride is the primary used additive in the dental industry to fluoridate products such as fluoride treatments, toothpaste, and other fluoride containing products.  Sodium Fluoride can als be used as a flux additive in metalurgy and soldering products.

  • Sodium Fluoride (USP)

    Sodium Fluoride (USP), CAS 7681-49-4, has the formula NaF.  Sodium Fluoride USP is the primary used additive in the dental industry to fluoridate products such as fluoride treatments, toothpaste, Mouth-washer, and other fluoride containing products. It can also be used for water fluoridation, but Sodium Fluorosilicate or Fluorosilicic Acid is typically used in that application.  

  • Strontium Fluoride

    Strontium Fluoride, CAS 7783-48-4, has the formula SrF2.  Strontium Fluoride is primarly used as an optical coating material for a narrow range of highly specialized lens applications as well as a number of other high-tech applications.

  • Zinc Fluoride

    Zinc Fluoride, CAS 7783-49-5, has the formula ZnF2.  Zinc Fluoride is a widely used fluoride compound in a number of industries.  It is used in the fluorination of organic compounds, as an additive in electrolytic aluminum, and also in electroplating operations. It also has uses in food preservation, the manufacture of fluxes for metallurgy, oxygen sensitive applications for metal production, glass, enamels, fabrics and plastics as well as applications as a catalyst additive in oil refining, in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, phosphors for electric lights, and in the manufacture  of floor coverings.  


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